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TUMI – The Urban Ministry Institute


  • Make Theological Training Accessible

    • Poor

    • Lay Workers

    • Under Educated

  • Translate Theological Literature

  • Support Work of the Missionary Circles


  • New Church Plants in Villages

  • Churches Sustained without Pastor

  • More Qualified and Effective Elders

  • Improved Theology and Biblical Accuracy

Current Reach

  • 40 Students

  • Representing 7 Groups

  • Within 200 km Radius of Dej

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Pro Ucraina


  • Reach Ukrainain Refugees

  • Material Assistance

    • Finances, Clothing, Food

    • Water Wells

    • Shelter

    • Orphanages

  • Partnership With Romanian Churches

    • Financial Support

    • Encouragement

    • 2,000 Bibles



  • Romanian Churches Involved in Missionary Projects

  • New Churches Planted

  • Pastors Able to Remain Serving in Region

  • Missionaries Trained using TUMI Materials for Ukrainian Seminary

  • Lives Saved (Physically & Spiritually)

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Missionary Circles


  • Plant Churches

  • Support Village Church Leaders

    • Encouragement, Fellowship, Teaching

    • Call Pastors and Missionaries to Village Service

  • Address Village Needs

    • Poverty

    • Spiritual Darkness

    • Departure of Youth – Aging Population

    • Villages without Pastors


  • Four Circles Throughout Romania

  • Dying Churches are being sustained

  • Church Collaboration Enabling Missions

  • Missionaries Endure Longer in the Field 

ELPIS (60).jpg

Vladeasa Elpis Center


  • Provide Facilities to Support...

    • Summer Children’s Camps

    • Pastoral and Missionary Conferences

    • Church Retreats

    • Family and Youth Meetings

  • Provide Revenue for Mission Activities

  • Reach Unreached through Christian Events

  • Improve Relationships with Regional Government and Citizens


  • Only Christian Facility Available in Nearby Regions

  • Christian Worker Rest and Encouragement

  • Children’s Camps are Increasing

  • Building Relationships with Other Organizations and Volunteers

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